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MedRep – A Do-it-all Medical Mobile Application for Doctors

Why use multiple mobile applications when you can get all your professional needs fulfilled by one application?

Everyone knows how busy the life of Doctors is. Consulting Patients, Peer-to-Peer Discussions, Meetings with Pharmaceutical marketers and update themselves with the latest developments in the Medical field, all of the above have to be fit into a Doctor’s daily schedules.

With the plethora of applications out there, each focusing on individual aspects of a Doctor’s daily routine, it’s really difficult (and for that matter, annoying) for a doctor to concentrate on all the multiple applications on their device.

Instead, wouldn’t it be better if they could fulfill all their professional requirements using JUST ONE MOBILE APPLICATION?

MedRep does just that. MedRep is a One-stop-shop for all of a Doctor’s professional needs.

Consult Patient – Digitally Serve Patients
  • In Clinic Patient Management Dashboard
  • Video Consultations with Patients
  • Chat Consultations with Patients
  • F2F Appointment Booking with patients
  • Pharma Treatment Campaigns
Network with MCI Verified Doctors across India
  • Create a comprehensive professional profile
  • Connect and Network with Doctors
  • Collaboration & Discussion Forums
Access Relevant Medical Content
  • Regular Webinars by Key Opinion Leaders
  • Educative Courses and Materials
  • Latest Medical / Industry News
  • Pharma Sponsored Scientific Content Portals
  • Comprehensive Drug Dictionary
  • Access to Journals, Case Studies, Research Papers, Videos etc.
Information digitally from various Healthcare Companies
  • Be part of Patient-centric Treatment Campaigns initiated and sponsored by Pharmaceutical Companies
  • New Product/ Drug/ Device Information
  • Order Medical Devices
  • Medical Surveys
  • PMS Studies
  • Provide Product Feedbacks to Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Order Samples & Kits