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MedRep – A Marketing Tool for Pharma and Medical Device Companies

We live in a digital era and it is imperative for companies to adapt and adopt this digital and mobile revolution into all their business practices. Pharmaceutical/ Device marketers face a lot of challenges in India. It isn’t easy for them to reach out to their target audience [Patients or Doctors].

Marketers have to face a lot of hardships when they want to meet doctors. Huge wait times and completely disproportionate face time with Doctors make marketing in this industry one of the hardest things to do. Moreover, this also takes a hit on the bottom line of organizations.

But, over the years, there has been a rapid growth, both from Doctors and Patients, for health related online interactions [Searches, applications and various other platforms]. Pharmaceutical and Medical Device companies need to leverage this fact to reach out to their target audience.

But there is also a flip side to this. Equipped with this knowledge, there is now a surplus of such applications in the market that provide different services in silos. As a result, neither Doctors nor Patients like having these many different applications on their devices, and more often than not, tend to ignore various notifications from these mobile applications.

MedRep addresses all these issues for the Pharmaceutical / Medical Device Companies by helping them digitally connect with Doctors, Patients and Pharmacies to:
  • Higher Product Sales
  • Increased Productivity of the Medical Representatives
  • Achieve Greater Brand Visibility
  • Target a Larger Network of Doctors
MedRep is a great tool for Pharmaceutical/ Medical Device Companies to grow Brand visibility
  • Run New Product/ Drug/ Medical Device Campaigns and Promotions
  • Product/ Drug/ Medical Device Feedbacks
  • Run Treatment Campaigns for Patients
  • Increase Drug Sales with Online Pharmacies
  • Medical Rep Appointment management tool
  • Samples & Kits for Doctors
  • Medical Surveys
  • PMS Studies
  • Marketing Insights & Analytics