Effective Stock Replenishment & Management

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Effective Stock Replenishment & Management

Pharmacies are the doorways for drug procurement at the Patient /Consumer level. Just as any business, the continuous inflow and outflow of drugs and medical devices is essential for a Healthcare Ecosystem. MedRep™ as an application enables seamless communication between the Manufacturers and the Point-of-Sale entities within the Healthcare Ecosystem.

With the rise in different modes of Stock replenishment, Stock Ordering, Customer Ordering and Customer Delivery, the Pharmacy market in India has seen a surge in competitiveness. Times like these, pharmacies need to not only be fully stocked to meet the needs of the Customers and/or Patients, but they also need to foresee the future demand trends that might come in.

It also pays to stay up-to-date with the latest Medicines, Medical devices and technologies available in order to stay ahead off the curb and build on customer’s loyalty. Most of the patients in the urban areas tend to have a plethora of choices to make in terms of which pharmacy they buy their medicines from. Also, with the rise in Online Pharmacies, the demand for availability of stock is imperative.

With direct connectivity of Stock request from the Drug / Medical Equipment Point of Sale to the Pharmaceutical / Medical Device manufacturing companies, Pharmacies can manage and plan their Stock needs much better and the Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing companies have a better control of the delivery and sales of their relevant products into the market.

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